Top 100 Gk Question Answer In English

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Q1. Who Called the Preamble to the Constitution as India’s political horoscope?

Ans K. M. Munshi

Q2. Who called the Directive Principles of State Policy as Charter of social and economic democracy in India?

Ans Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

Q3. Which of the following prerogative writs issued by the Court directs the concerned authority to do something immediately?

Ans Mandamus.

Q4. Which one of the following Articles of the Indian Constitution is associate with the process of impeachment of the President of India?

Ans Article 61

Q5. On which bill the President of India may exercise his veto power?

Ans Money Bill.

Q6. Who among the following can increase the number of Judges of the Supreme Court?

Ans The Parliament.

Q7. What is the maximum strength of the elected members of the Rajya Sabha?

Ans  250 Members.

Q8. Who among the following can create or abolish a Legislative Council in a State?

Ans The Parliament.

Q9, Who was the first Chairman of the Backward Classes Commission?

Ans Kaka Kalelkar.

Q10. Who is the author of Caste in Indian Politics?

Ans Rajni Kothari.

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Top 100 Gk Question Answer In English

Q11. By which of the following constitutional amendments the women got reservation in the Panchayati Raj Institution?

Ans 73rd.

Q12. What is the minimum age of a person to become the Prime Minister of India?

Ans 35 years.

Q13. Articles 312 of the Indian Constitution is associate with?

Ans New All India Services.

Q14. Who heads the National Human Rights Commission of India?

Ans The Ex. Chief Justice of India.

Q15. Who among the following recognizes the level of political parties?

Ans The Election Commission.

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